AscentsSpaghetti Route

  • This program takes us to one of the most appealing glacier expeditions, which will lead us up to several of the tops of 4,000 meters (13,123 ft) above sea level in the region. Our trip will start in Zermatt, a mountaineering landmark, where we will start skirting Mt. Rosa Massif, passing across large glaciers, ridges and fertile valleys, from where we will appreciate astonishing views of the most important mountains in the region, such as Mt. Rosa, Mont Blanc and Matterhorn.

  • This route owes its name to the fact that all the shelters where we will stay are in Italy, in Val D’Aosta, where we will experience the Italian warmth and good pasta. We will make it to the top of West and Central Breithorn, Pollux, Castor, II Naso, Vincent’s Pyramid, Balmerhorn, Parrotz, Signalkuppe and Zumsteinspitze.

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